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We simulate your customers so you can know 
before you test

The Competitive Advantage

Test faster, and win more often

SporeLogic revolutionizes the way digital marketers test and optimize their advertisements. By simulating A/B testing with realistic customer personas, SporeLogic allows marketers to predict the effectiveness of different ad variations before deploying them in the real world. This technology eliminates the need for traditional user testing and focus groups, which are often time-consuming, expensive, and limited in scope. With SporeLogic, you can quickly generate diverse personas, conduct comprehensive tests, and gather both quantitative and qualitative insights—all in a virtual environment. This not only speeds up the testing process but also provides richer, more actionable data to enhance your marketing strategies.

Dynamic Persona Generation

Create highly customizable personas with SporeLogic V1. Define attributes like age, income, interests, and prior shopping behavior to generate diverse and realistic customer profiles. Our tool provides templates and guidelines to help you craft effective personas, making it easy to simulate a wide range of potential customer interactions.

Comprehensive Data Analysis

Leverage advanced analytics to gain deep insights into your ad performance. SporeLogic V1 captures and logs interactions between personas and your advertisements, analyzing data to identify statistically significant differences. Generate detailed reports that summarize performance metrics and provide actionable recommendations to optimize your marketing strategies.

Versatile Ad Testing Platform

Upload and configure different variations of your advertisements with ease. SporeLogic V1 supports various ad formats, including images and copy, allowing you to test multiple marketing messages and visuals. Our intuitive interface streamlines the process, ensuring you can focus on creating impactful ad campaigns.

Qualitative Feedback

Understand the "why" behind customer behaviors with qualitative feedback from simulated personas. SporeLogic V1 captures detailed feedback on preferences and decision-making processes, presenting this information in an easily digestible format. Use these insights to refine your advertisements and better align with your target audience's expectations.

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